What if there were a place...

...where you could go to connect or reconnect with God? 
...where God's Word was the anchor and experience was the teacher?
...to slow down and truly connect with God for who he truly is, rather than with some created image?
...where stress and deadlines do not exist?
...where you are welcomed to rest in the richness of what God is trying to show you?
...where people of all walks and ages found acceptance and love?
...where kids and adults allowed their leaders to influence them in a profound way?
...where you could find freedom in Christ and all the masks and counterfeit ways of living faded away?
...where leaders at this place served children from a heart of love and compassion?
...where program creativity was excellent and the resources used were simple?
...where guests welcomed challenge, self-discovery, and moments out of their comfort zone?
...that was safe, peaceful, adventurous, fun and created teachable moments that would last a lifetime?
...where the goal went far beyond the buildings and focused on building passionate Christ followers?
...where the food was delicious, home-cooked meals?
...only an hour outside of Atlanta?

That Place is Camp Highland!!

Welcome to the Camp Highland dream! We have been dreaming and it has been rich to see some amazing things come to pass. At Camp Highland we have cast a vision for all the giant "What if's" that would be so rich to walk in if our guests would be bold and break away from the everyday life as they know it. Our dream is to build a place that is poised to invest in hundreds of thousands of people in a simple camp setting. Through the adventurous Camp Highland setting we are seeing each guest not only hear the truths in Gods word, but also understand and apply them to real life. Camp Highland is not just a great place to Go it's a great place to Grow!

Just about the time we thought we had been dreaming big, the Lord began to stir in our hearts and the dream grew! Again we began to ask what if...

Over a cup of coffee with a friend Bill was asked What if Camp Highland could partner with the 410 Bridge and influence children in Kenya with the same simple Camp Highland experience. After a vision trip to Kenya with his family in November of 2008 we had our answer! A 410 Bridge Camp Highland partnership would have a profound effect on the children and adults in Kenya. We have already run the first programs in Kenya and we are astonished by what God can do in the life of a child in a third world country through the Camp Highland model!  The Kenyan Outpost will be built in the spring of 2012!  We are very excited!

Psalm 34:8 Says, Taste and see that the Lord is good!  We want to invite you and your family to taste and see! Camp Highland is a wonderful vision and we would love for you to join us in seeing the dream come alive!


Bill Chapman