Invest your summer with us using high adventure to lead kids into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ!

What should you expect on staff with us for a summer at Camp Highland?  Expect to laugh, cry, paint your face, be on a mission, be challenged, be encouraged, to experience two months of living in great Christian community, and to fall in love with Jesus like never before.  Summer Staff is not easy; you'll lack sleep, your legs will be sore, you'll sweat. However, it will be an unforgettable, incredible experience that will have an eternal impact on the kids with whom you'll spend time with. 

Check out the summer staff FAQ's Page for answers to more common questions.

Positions Available:

For summer 2014, we're looking for:

  • Counselors - Summer staff assigned to lead a group of campers through the week of camp.   They'll be in a cabin with up to 10 campers and another counselor, responsible for investing in the campers, sharing your life with them, and just all-around providing them with an incredible camp experience.  Must be 18 and completed a year of college.  Base salary is $150/week. GIRL COUNSELOR POSITIONS are filling up so apply today if interested!
  • Jr. Counselors - Essentially counselors without the year of college.  We hire a limited number of these, so apply early!  Must have been a previous camper or Day Camp staff to qualify.
  • Activities Staff - These staff members will be responsible to run specific activities.  We look for leaders that can help facilitate the challenge course, rock climbing, rappelling, and oversee water activities.  These leaders will also assist with the upkeep of facilities and needs very good self-leadership skills.  Must be 18 and completed a year of college.  Base salary dependent upon experience.
  • Photographer/Technical - Campers love to have GREAT pictures of themselves to show their parents at the end of the week!  We need somebody who will take on the challenge of documenting the summer through images, compiling them every week, assembling slide shows, shooting video every now and then, and generally being our imaging technical guru.  This is actually a position that falls under "Activities Staff" but deserves it's own section!
  • Worship Leader/Band - There are few things in the world cooler than great worship in an outdoors setting.  We do not simply look for people with musical talent that can tolerate kids and the bear the outdoors; we look for people who genuinely love Jesus and kids, and happen to have musical talent. Historically, our worship leaders have always been counselors with a desire to lead others in worship. If this sounds good to you, please let us know!
  • Lifeguards - Our lifeguards serve campers and saff by making sure they stay safe at the waterfront. They are also responsible for maintianing a clean waterfront area and serve by meeting other camp needs. IN NEED OF A GIRL LIFEGUARD.
  • Nurse - As the camp nurse, you will serve by taking care of the camper's and staff's physical needs. You must be a registered nurse who loves Jesus and Kids. Part of you duties will be to manage, adminster, and medication; adminster basic first aid; contact parents when a child is injured or ill; and report all injuries and illnesses.
  • Boat Driver - Yes, this is actually a job. We have a boat or two pulling kids tubing just about all day, every day of camp and we're looking for a highly responsible, experienced, boat driver that loves kids and would like nothing more than to spend the summer on a lake investing in kids. This is not an easy job; it's tiring and hot, but there are few places on the planet where you'll hear more screams of joy and laughter than on the boat with a cabin of kids.
Staff Quotes: 

"I found the full time staff to be so supportive and encouraging and it was such a blessing to have them truly care about how I was doing."

"Sessions are wonderful! I feel the kids get TONS out of the lessons each night and with that leads to amazing cabin time."

"Where to begin.... I love how Camp Highland meets the kids exactly where they are and carries their baggage for them for the week. The permanent staff sets a great example of how to fall in love with Christ and share it. This is what makes Camp Highland so unique and wonderful to me. Not many places are like this anymore, and it is so refreshing to spend a summer at camp and serve. It's what makes me love coming back!  I also loved seeing how y'all implemented new, different activities for the older kids. It made them feel special and "cooler" than the younger kids, and I think it also makes all aged kids wanting to keep coming back. The trip to the OCOEE rocked!

The river was wonderful, and camping was a blast! Seeing more activities like this and changing things up some is something I'd continue to like to see in the future :)
The list could go on for days..."

"I don't even know where to start. This summer was awesome! It's been life changing working for camp."

"But seriously, the growth not only for the campers but for me as a counselor was and still is incredible. I'll never forget my first summer at Camp Highland! Everyone is a huge blessing in my life and I consider all ya'll some of my very best friends! Camp Highland rocked it this summer and I'm positive that Jesus moved in many kids lives..that's the main and most important thing that camp got right this summer!"

 How To Apply

You need to complete 3 things to complete the application process:

  1. The online application. Probably takes about an hour to complete.
  2. Submit an application video (as simple as complex as you like), simply explaining why you're interested in serving with us this coming summer. You can share videos through youtube or another video hosting service, or send it to summer_staff @ if it's small enough (not required for day camp applicants)
  3. An interview. We prefer this to be in person, but can do it over the phone or skype without a problem!

    The link to the summer staff application is below. You do not have to complete the application all in one sitting, as the system allows you to save your progress along the way.

    Summer Staff Application.

    We do recommend that you check out the FAQ's section, but please let us know if we can answer any questions you may have about the process!


The documents here are for reference only and don't have any role in the 2013 application, other than to provide one more way for you to get some questions answered. Yes, a lot of it is old data, but most of it is timeless!

2013 Staff Brochure

A quick overview of what to expect as a summer staffer.

2010 Orientation Manual

For insider information and a taste of what to expect, here's the Orientation Manual that we gave to our incoming staff members for summer 2010